A motion sensor camera was installed in my backyard in order to monitor the passing of foxes. In the images – result of the animal body movement, not the photographer’s eye – the man-made environment becomes the terrain of vulpine domesticity and the frontier between the observers and the observed is slightly blurred.

« We are easily deluded into assuming that the relationship between a foreign subject and the objects in his world exists on the same spatial and temporal plane as our own relations with the objects in our human world. This fallacy is fed by a belief in the existence of a single world, into which all living creatures are pigeonholed. This gives rise to the widespread conviction that there is only one space and one time for all living things. »

— Jakob Von Uexküll, A Stroll through the Worlds of Animals and Men


Fox's bark and howls recorded from my window 2010–2013

Vulpine Domesticity (2010–2013) photography series (Excerpt),