This film presents footage recorded by a ‘biologging device‘; a miniature camera attached to the back of a humpback whale in order to collect data of the animal’s behaviour. The footage is combined with an altered (transformed) extract of Charles Melville Scammon’s book The Marine Mammals of the North-Western Coast of North America (1874).


Scammon, a contemporary of Herman Melville, and cited in Moby-Dick; or The Whale, was a famous whaling captain that created some of the first naturalistic and very popular accounts of the whales he encountered during his voyages.


The video employs as a narrative device an extract of Scammon’s description of the humpback whale, in which the third-person pronoun is substituted to first-person pronoun ‘I’, so as to play with the whale–eye–view of the footage.



I ROAM, 3:16, 2015