Sonia Levy



"Becoming animal is a process of redefining one’s sense of attachment and connection to a shared world, a territorial space. It expresses multiple ecologies of belonging, while it transforms one’s sensorial and perceptual coordinates, to acknowledge the collectiveness and outward direction of what we call the self."

——— Rosi Braidotti, Animals, Anomalies and Inorganic Others.


Sonia Levy is a French artist living between London and Iceland. After graduating from Villa Arson, École des Beaux–Art de Nice in France, she undertook a post-graduate course at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In 2016 she took part in a programme in arts and politic (SPEAP) at Sciences Po in Paris, led by professor Bruno Latour.



My work operates at the intersection of art and the sciences, and focuses mainly on the nonhumans – nonhuman animals, landscape and inorganic others. The term nonhuman is not a way of excluding, instead it is an attempt to avoid the separation between society and nature, between humans and things. This position involves rejecting Cartesian anthropocentrism, as well as making the distinction between human and nonhuman life forces uncertain and undefined. The works — installations, sculpture, drawings and video pieces — traverse the nonhuman realms to register the feeling of being surrounded by others or more abstractly by otherness; to present the spectator with a space where « nature » becomes « culture ».